Clash of Clans Hack | Free Gems, Gold, Elixirs [2017 IOS & ANDROID]

clash of clans hack
Written by Lucas

No longer will you have to watch your village get destroyed by players spending hundreds of dollars on their Clash of Clans account.

GamerAuthority offers a free Clash of Clans hack that delivers instant gems, coins, and elixirs into your account.

There are no downloads or payments, and you will be upgrading your village for free in no time.

The majoritcy of websites offering a free Clash of Clans hack are dishonest and attempting to get you to download a malicious program. It’s highly recommended you avoid these pages and never download anything from these websites.

I understand how difficult it is to play Clash of Clans without spending money, and I am happy to provide free resources.

Let me explain how the Clash of Clans generator works.

Clash of Clans Hack Tool

I built this website in order to share an insider secret I discovered about massive gaming companies like Clash of Clans. If you’re looking for an in-depth explanation of this secret, head over to my About page where I walk through the system.

In summary, I found a backdoor breach into the databases of several large gaming companies. The Clash of Clans database allows me to load as many gems as I want into any Clash of Clans account.

This method does not cost a penny for me or you and is a win-win situation.

All you need to do is load the generator, choose your platform, input your username, and select as many free gems as you want.

Why are you sharing them for free?

At this point, you may be puzzled about why somebody is giving away free Clash of Clans hacks.

Gaming companies like Clash of Clans make millions of dollars per year selling in-game currency. I believe that they take full advantage of younger kids and essentially force them into paying for better items.

This is both wrong and immoral. When I was younger, video game competitiveness was determined by skill and not by how much real money you could spend.

I currently work as a full-time computer programmer and get paid well. I have no desire to charge individuals that are passionate about gaming.

For this reason, I’m offering this Clash of Clans hack completely free of charge or any hassle.

To give you some background, I played Clash of Clans right when it was released and absolutely loved it. However, I soon had my patience tested when I had to wait for several days just to be able to play again.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of waiting for your village to upgrade. The only way to circumvent the waiting is to pay real money for gems. Just like you, I was never able to afford spending money on video games. I saw my friends spending their entire savings and allowances to get the best base possible. After a few weeks, I was unable to compete with the player’s spending money and therefore quit the game.

It’s nearly impossible to compete in Clash of Clans without using a generous amount of money. Players shouldn’t be able to buy their success in a game as popular as Clash of Clans.

I enjoy being able to spread happiness by giving away free Clash of Clans gems. All I ask is that you refrain from paying large gaming companies like Clash of Clans for in-game currency.

Please feel free to use the CoC gems generator as many times as you wish.

Below you will find the link to the Clash of Clans hack.


I received a message from one of my visitors recently that I’d like to share with you. Grant found this website while browsing around for free Clash of Clans cheats and was a little skeptical at first. He provided a short testimonial highlighting his experience at GamerAuthority.

Here it is:

“I can’t believe it actually worked! I’ve tried nearly every Clash of Clans hack on the internet and have always wasted my time. Lucas, however, is the real deal, and his generosity was transparent throughout the entire article. Thank you GamerAuthority. I can’t wait to tell my friends!”

I’ve received several thousand emails just like this one from Grant. These messages make the trouble of giving away the Clash of Clans hack worth it.

Feel free to share this page with your friends.

My generator is constantly being updated to provide you the smoothest experience possible.

How to get Clash of Clans free gems?

The Clash of Clans generator is exceptionally easy to use.

Simply click on the box above which takes you the generator’s portal. Select your platform, input your username, and choose how many gems, coins, and elixirs you wish to receive.

You will then be asked to complete a quick survey to prove you’re not a bot. Bots have been known to flood Clash of Clans gem hacks before, which crashes the generator. The short survey deters bots and ensures you instantaneously receive your free gems. Please write me an email if you fill out the survey and still have trouble receiving your resources.

That’s it! From start to end, it only takes about 1-2 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my account get banned?

Absolutely not. The generator uses a secure encryption tool that ensures a safe delivery. Furthermore, since this isn’t a Clash of Clans apk download, you don’t have to worry about your account being detected.

What platforms does the COC gem hack work for?

Android and iOS both work.

How many Clash of Clans gems am I allowed to get?

There is no limit on the amount of times you can use the generator. The hack permits Clash of Clans unlimited gems, so feel free to acquire as many resources as you’d like.

Is this a Clash of Clans hack apk?

No. GamerAuthority will never ask you to download anything. This Clash of Clans glitch is perfectly safe for your account and device. Rather than downloading an unsecure software onto your device, you wirelessly transfer Clash of Clans gems and resources into your account.

Why use Clash of Clans cheats?

Clash of Clans online is the most played mobile game in the world. Moreover, there are millions of users that either spend money or take advantage of a Clash of Clans cheat to quickly upgrade their base. This guide teaches you how to hack Clash of Clans for free. GamerAuthority offers the premium CoC hack online, and we are proven to only give working gems and resources.

Our Clash of Clans hack will enable you to build the base you’ve always dreamed up. Instead of watching YouTube videos of cool and extensive villages, you’re going to be building one of your own. Also, our CoC cheat boasts a flawless success rate with thousands of happy visitors.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey of building the best village possible, and hope that our CoC cheats enable you to do so.

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