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Written by Lucas

FIFA is easily the best sports game because of its massive community and FIFA Ultimate team game mode. However, many players gain unfair advantages by using real money to purchase expensive player packs and coins.

This leads to many players owning overpowered teams that ruin the competitive environment. GamerAuthority intends to even up the playing field by offering free FIFA 17 coins to everyone.

You’ve probably gone through dozens of websites searching for a FIFA coin generator with no success. Luckily for you, I provide a working FIFA coin generator that has satisfied thousands of avid FIFA players like yourself.

Here at GamerAuthority, I am more than happy to improve your gaming experience by offering FIFA coins.

Let me explain why my FIFA 17 coin generator is completely free.

Spreading Value

I developed this website in order to share an exploit I found about large gaming companies. If you’re interested in reading more about this secret, feel free to navigate to my About page.

In essence, I found a technique that allows me to breach the databases of these big gaming companies. After entering the database, I input an algorithm that allows me to load an unrestricted amount of FIFA coins into any account, on any system (Playstation, Xbox, PC, Apple, or Android).

All you need to do is input your username, choose your console/system, and choose the amount of coins you wish to receive. The coin generator is easy to use and immediately delivers coins into your account.

Why are you sharing them for free?

At this point you’re probably wondering, why would someone want to give away free FIFA 17 coins?

When I was younger, playing video games was my favorite hobby and something I was very passionate about. Despite my love for video games, I was never able to afford player packs and coins.

I would have to play nonstop for weeks just to receive the chance of opening a pack with a good player. Meanwhile, my friends and people I’d play online would have fully stacked teams with immense players at each position.

Rather than earning coins through game play, they would spend hundreds of dollars on their teams. Although this was a completely legitimate way of forming a team, I was upset that I never got the opportunity to make one myself.

Since I have now found a method that generates FIFA 17 coins for free, I am happy to share them with individuals that are suffering like I used to.

I believe that everyone should get the opportunity to play with their favorite soccer players without spending money.

I make plenty of money as a software engineer and because I stumbled upon this method for free, I wanted to spread the wealth with the rest of the gaming community.

Matthew, a recent visitor to the website, recently reached out to me. He was ecstatic that the FIFA coin generator actually worked and provided his account with over 500,000 FIFA coins. He even provided a short testimonial about his experience on GamerAuthority.

Here’s what he said:

“I love playing FIFA 17, but always get destroyed by online players. I searched the internet for days looking for a way to get free coins. After being let down by several websites, I stumbled onto and could sense Lucas’s transparency and passion for gaming. His FIFA coin generator worked like a charm and I am eternally grateful!”

I receive hundreds of emails from people just like Matthew who have gotten free FIFA coins.

The only thing I ask is that you share my website with your friends so they too can obtain FIFA coins. You and your friends will no longer have to save up money or ask your parents for FIFA player packs!

Below you will find the link to the free FIFA 17 coin generator. All you need to do is input your username and choose your console or system.


How to get free FIFA coins?

GamerAuthority makes it simple for you to get free FIFA 17 coins. All you need to do is click on the ‘generator’ right above.

Once you’re inside the generator, input your username, choose your console, and pick the amount of coins you wish to receive.

After that, fill out a quick survey to prove you’re human and you’re done! This all happens in a span of 2-3 minutes, and you’ll receive your free coins in no time.

A short survey is built-in to prevent bots from accessing and spamming the coin generator. If I were to allow bots into the generator without a survey, they would completely flood the server and prevent real individuals like yourself from getting any coins.

This minor inconvenience is well worth getting free FIFA coins. Remember, we are the only website offering a 100% guarantee and success rate.

Check out this video tutorial below if you are still having trouble with the FIFA 17 coin generator.

If you still don’t understand, follow this tutorial below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the FIFA coin generator require any downloads?

No. We will never ask you to download anything on this website. Furthermore, we highly recommend that you avoid websites that ask you to download a program in order to obtain free FIFA coins. They are more likely trying to infect your computer to steal your information. All we ask is that you complete a short one-minute survey to prove you’re not a bot.

What systems does the generator work on?

The generator works for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Apple, and Android.

How many coins can I receive?

You are able to access the generator as many times as you please. Since this method is so new, I want to supply you guys with as many coins as possible before they update it. Feel free to get as many coins as you need and to share this website with your friends as well.

What’s your favorite FIFA team to play with?

I grew up as an avid FC Barcelona fan and still support them to this day. I hope you make the right decision and take your free coins to purchase Messi!

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