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Written by Lucas

It’s finally here.

The moment you have all been waiting for.

Whether you can’t afford a new iPhone 7, are waiting for an upgrade, or just really want a free iPhone, I have great news for you.

You now have a chance to win a free iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

That’s right. I just arrived home after traveling to China and was able to get my hands on a few thousand iPhones.

I filled an entire suitcase with them and shipped the rest.

Since China is the country that actually produces iPhones due to cheaper manufacturing, I was able to get an insane deal.

My best friend’s uncle actually manages one of the iPhone production facilities, and I was able to negotiate a ludicrous discount.

If you’ve been to my website before, you know how much I enjoy giving away products and services for free.

And I just took it to the next level by offering free iPhones.

Let me explain why I’m giving away these iPhones for free to those of you that are new to my website.

Spreading Value

We live in a world completely fueled by consumerism and obsession with buying the latest gadgets and trinkets.

However, most of society can’t afford products like new iPhones. They sit and watch in jealousy while wealthier individuals buy the newest device without thinking twice.

The people who constantly upgrade their gear don’t even appreciate the things they are buying.

For this reason, I wanted to provide an outlet for people who can’t afford many things.

Not only do they appreciate the item a lot more, they also actually need it a lot more unlike spoiled individuals who have everything.

I grew up in a poor family and never had spending money. From all the jobs I worked, all the money went straight to my parents.

School became extremely important to me because I wanted to live the life I always wanted. I studied hard, got a full scholarship to a University, and got a programming job at a large technology company.

Years upon years of work had finally paid off. Now I make more than enough to support myself and to live a happy life.

However, I haven’t forgotten about my roots. I’m dedicated to giving back to others who were just like me, and spend all my free time doing so.

This website is completely nonprofit and my only wish is improving the lives of those less fortunate.

How to get a free iPhone

Since I only have a few thousand available, its first come first server. I, however, am trying to ship more in through my contact in China.

First, you will need to navigate into the generator. Click the box above which takes you there.

Choose whether you want a free iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+. There isn’t a free iPhone 6 or free iPhone 6+ because I wanted the latest gear for you.

Next, pick how much memory you want. Either 32 GB or 64 GB.

Now the best part, choose which color you like! I have every option in stock and think that each color is equally incredible.

After picking out your own free iPhone, simply click through the pages and enter your information as you go. Your information will never be leaked and is kept safely in our database. Nobody has access to it.

Right before I can actually ship your free iPhone to you, you must fill out a quick verification survey to show you’re not a bot.

I would hate to have bots flood the free iPhone giveaway and end up shipping iPhones to fake addresses and people who don’t need it.

The survey is super short and takes less than 2 minutes. Once the survey is completed and your information is verified, I will ship the iPhone to you the same day.

I live right by UPS and am happy to deliver these iPhones to you as soon as possible.

One of my visitors named Michael who received a free iPhone last week could not believe his eyes when he heard his doorbell ring with a package waiting for him.

Here’s a short testimonial he provided:

“I froze completely with pure shock when I opened the package and saw what it was. I thought somebody was playing a prank on me with an empty iPhone box because I told my friends how much I wanted one. With my heart racing a hundred miles per minute, I slowly cut open the box. And there it was. A brand new iPhone still wrapped in plastic. Lucas from GamerAuthority even included a hand written note explaining his backstory and why he gave me a free iPhone. Never before did I think this was possible. A complete stranger on the internet actually followed through with his promise and sent an iPhone right to my front door. I’m still stunned to this day and could not be more thankful.”

I really enjoyed hearing from Michael and how much he valued the free iPhone 7 I gave him. Like Michael, I have already sent hundreds of iPhones out all over the world. Make sure you grab yours before I run out!

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Hey I'm Lucas, a gaming addict and professional programmer. I believe in spreading value to the world. I release these codes and programs for free because I hated having to spend hundreds of dollars on video game memberships when I was a kid. I hope to leave a smile on the faces of the younger generation. Cheers!

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