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Written by Lucas

There are loads of fake League of Legends hacks out there, and you’ve probably tried a fair share of them.

I also used to search endlessly for a working RP generator just be to let down every time.

For this reason, I made my own RP hack that generates unlimited RP into any League of Legends account.

The hack is completely free and you can receive as much RP as you wish.

Take your newfound RP to buy those skins you’ve been eyeing down, upgrade your rune pages, or even change your account name.

Let me explain why I’m giving away this hack for free.

Spreading Value with free RP

I used to play League of Legends when it was released and became extremely addicted. The innovative gameplay system, smooth mechanics, and unique champions hooked me right from the get-go.

However, as I found myself grinding to get to level 30, I realized that a lot of my opponents used rune pages. They had used real money to buy Riot Points and maxed out their rune pages.

Since I couldn’t afford to pay real cash for Riot Points myself, I always lost in lane and became very frustrated.

I couldn’t stop playing though because the game was just too much fun. I started watching countless video tutorials and reading tons of guides to improve my skills.

Slowly I started to become better, but could still barely compete with players who paid money to boost their account.

And then suddenly one day my friend gifted me the Riven skin I always wanted, as well as a free RP code so I could fill out my own rune page.

His random act of kindness provided so much happiness to me and is something I’ll never forget. He’s one of the reasons why I’m devoted to giving back to others.

I realize that the majority of League of Legends players cannot afford to buy RP.

Since this is the case, I pledged to discover a hack that gives free RP to everyone who needs it. I hope this helps you in your gaming adventures.

Free Riot Points Hack

League of Legends was actually pretty easy to hack because of how weak their database servers are. I simply used the breach tool I created and instantly got access to the database.

Having access to the database grants me the ability to see hundreds of thousands of working free RP codes.

All I did was transfer the codes over into the RP generator so that you can access them.

Just choose the amount of free Riot Points you wish to receive on your code.

You are finally going to be able to play with the skin you’ve always wanted! Whether its cottontail teemo (my favorite) or Pulsefire Ezreal, you are sure to have a little bit more swag on the rift.


I’ve been able to help thousands of avid League of Legends players out so far. Because of this, I constantly receive emails from visitors stating how grateful they are.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing about your stories and what you bought with your free RP. I’ve even been able to play a few matches with you guys!

I wanted to share a message I received from a visitor name Thomas.

Here it is:

“Lucas, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Despite playing the game for a few year now, I have never been able to afford a skin. With your RP generator, I was able to get all sorts of free lol skins! The game is so much more fun now, and I owe it all to you. You’re the best.”

Thomas was ecstatic when he redeemed his free RP code and found out it actually worked. Finding a working LoL hack is rare nowadays, and I can proudly say this is one of the only legitimate ones.

If you have friends that also can’t afford the buy Riot Points, feel free to share this website with them.

I developed this free LoL RP hack for all gamers.

How to get free RP

The LoL hack is safe and easy to use.

Simply click the box above taking you to the LoL generator.

Select the amount of credit you want on your free RP card.

Next, click on generate.

While the generator searches for a working code, fill out a quick human verification test.

The survey prevents bots from taking all the codes out of my database. It’s quick and should take less than a few minutes.

After the human verification test, you will immediately receive your code.

The RP generator tests the code before delivering it to you to guarantee it works when you redeem it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a LoL skin generator?

This is not actually a lol skin hack. Instead, we provide you with a free RP code so you can redeem the skin of your choice.

How do I redeem my LoL free RP codes?

The redemption process is the exact same as if you had a real RP gift card. Log onto the client with your account and click on the “Purchase Riot Points (+RP)” button. Select “Prepaid Cards” and enter the pin you received.

Does this LoL hack tool work worldwide?

Absolutely. The RP cheat works wherever League of Legends is played. The database has codes from all around the globe just for your convenience.

How many free League of Legends codes can I take?

It’s up to you! We have no limit on the amount of times you access the generator. I would personally max out my account if I were you.

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